Christmas this year

What will Christmas be like this year?

In times of the Covid pandemic we have had to rethink many things, organize our lives and our work in new ways, minimize our travel and social relations.

Now that the most anticipated party of the year is a month away, we wonder what Christmas will be this year.

The main wish certainly concerns our health and that of our loved ones, with whom we would like to spend a few hours in peace.

The family, even more than usual this Christmas, will be the safe haunt to celebrate an important anniversary and maybe recover its true meaning.

Whether you are a believer or not, Christmas should finally become for everyone a moment of reflection on the deeper meaning of life, on the importance of affection and on the solidarity to be practiced towards those in difficulty.

And this without detracting from a party that we want to live in joy and happiness.

From this point of view, the home is once again the perfect place to welcome our loved ones, in an atmosphere of warmth and magic.

Our home represents us, and so we want it to be welcoming and beautiful, to put our guests at ease and also to tell who we are and what we believe in.

Also because, perhaps, Beauty will save the world, together with Love.

So, Merry Christmas everyone!

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