I happened to host a somewhat original Belgian photographer, Dirk, in my small vacation home in Vittoria (located in the south east of Sicily). A few years earlier, he had decided to quit his job, sell all his possessions and be a globetrotter in Europe for a while, to find interesting places off the traditional tourist tour circuits.

He traveled by bus and when he arrived in Vittoria, he always traveled on foot, also making long journeys, such as the one through the Ippari River Valley, which winds for about ten kilometers to the sea of ​​Scoglitti.

A month later he left for another stage of his journey and, a few weeks later, he gave me the gift of sending me his photos, the ones he had taken in this part of Sicily, during his stay.

Here is a selection of them because I particularly liked them: I think Dirk has been able to grasp certain peculiar characteristics of our land very well, and the poetry of certain views perhaps comes from the contrast between the harsh beauty of some landscapes, the ancient. of certain architectures, and the softness of the September light, or of the golden light at night.

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