"NATURA" is a new collection of Teste di Moro, inspired by an archaic and luxuriant nature, evoked as in a memory of a trip or a dream. The colors are bright and intense, the lines of the decorations refer to the tribal culture, however revisited in an almost hyper-realistic key.

Today the new trends for interior design are increasingly oriented towards wellness and comfort : we want a house where you can feel good both physically and psychologically, and where the reference to nature is certainly privileged.

The use of light green, but also of primary colors, goes in this direction and, for to make a more direct contact with nature, there will be large plants in the house that recall a somewhat wild and archaic nature.

Great attention is given also to eco-sustainability, with the choice of natural shapes and materials, which are however embellished with inserts in gold and copper to give greater value to the design.

A look to the future, rediscovering the values ​​and care of the complex and delicate ecosystem to which we belong.

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