Principe Illumination

"PRINCIPE" is a prestigious collection of lighting inspired by Sicily.
A wrought iron structure in gold or silver that recalls the volutes of the aristocratic balconies of Palazzo Nicolaci in Noto.
White porcelain with relief decorations typical of the baroque tradition of the famous Sicilian town: lions, symbol of strength, and angels, symbol of purity.
Ocher or white lampshade with bordeaux border in combination.

My emotion:
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My passion for the theater was born here, in Eastern Sicily, in this land where the Baroque architecture recites its joie de vivre at every street and square corner.
Its churches, its palaces, its stairways, its fountains, through the movement of their forms and spaces , want to interact with the viewer, involving him in a real representation capable of arousing wonder and enthusiasm. And so, even a simple Sunday walk, here becomes the vision of a truly exciting show.