Bummulus orange blossom and lemons

Bummulus orange blossom and lemons

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Sicilian bummule for water and wine, with orange blossom and lemons on a blue background. It is in ceramic, made and painted by hand with non-toxic materials and colors. It is a curious and funny object at the table, it puts a party among the diners for the astonishment effect at each use.

In fact, the liquids are poured from the hole below, overturning it, but when you bring it back into position the liquids do not come out even though there is no cap, thanks to an internal system of communicating vessels.

The bummule is also capable of maintaining the temperature of the liquids it contains unchanged, thanks to the breathable terracotta.

Capacity: about 1 liter

My emotion:

The bummule is an object that arouses my childhood memories: in the kitchen of my paternal grandparents there was a terracotta one to refresh the 'water and a larger ceramic one for storing wine.

In the summer it was wonderful to mix that water after the long runs of hide and seek games: we found it fresh and delicious, even though it was not kept in the refrigerator.