Heads of Medusa and Neptune
Heads of Medusa and Neptune
Heads of Medusa and Neptune

Heads of Medusa and Neptune

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Heads of Neptune and Medusa in Sicilian artistic ceramic, made and hand painted by master ceramists. They stand out for their elegance and the originality of the decoration, for the beauty of the faces and details.

They measure 39 cm in height

The myth:< /p>

The beautiful Medusa met her lover Neptune, God of the Sea , in the Temple of Athena and, for having desecrated this sacred place, she was transformed by the Goddess into a terrible monster that petrified anyone who looked at her.

My emotion:< /span>

Mythology has always fascinated me. I studied the Greek one on "The Greek Myths" by Robert Graves, with its fantastic heroes but also taken by very human strengths and weaknesses.

Sicily is steeped in Greek mythology and many mythological figures are born right here, such as those of Arethusa, Ciane, Dafni, Eryx, Galatea, Polyphemus. Fantastic and unreal stories that I loved hearing my mother tell when I was a child and that I also told to my children, to see the magical amazement in their eyes .