Set of necklace with pendant and earrings

Set of necklace with pendant and earrings

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Original set in golden tatting lace, made entirely by hand.

The necklace has the pendant embellished with beads of various shades from fuchsia to garnet, with a final garnet-colored elongated drop pendant. The earrings take the same shape as the pendant and are finished with the same shaded beads.


My emotion:

Skilled hands intent on embroidering precious details: this image accompanied my childhood, like that of many children here in Sicily.

Under the clear light of the skylight of her house, my grandmother embroidered, with patience and precision, her precious laces, and I watched her, in admiration, give life to a delicate beauty of shapes and colors.

Embroidery, in Sicily and beyond, was a hobby for women to cultivate but sometimes also a means to support the family income or to become economically independent.