Dark brown blue and platinum
Dark brown blue and platinum

Dark brown blue and platinum

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Head of Moor in blue Sicilian ceramic with platinum finishes, made and hand painted by the master potters of Caltagirone. 

They stand out for the richness and originality of the decoration, for the beauty of the faces and details, combined with the brilliance of the colors and the velvety brightness of the ceramic. 

They measure 50 cm in height. 


My emotion:

As a child, in the garden of my uncles' house in Palermo, to decorate the entrance to the avenue covered with grape pergolas, there were succulent plants that came out of red terracotta pots, in the shape of a Moor's Head. Every time I passed by, I looked at them with a mixture of restlessness and fascination. It seemed to me that a form of life had crystallized in those strange objects and that at any moment the Moor's Head could come alive and talk.