Tris balls for the Christmas tree

Tris balls for the Christmas tree

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Three spheres for the Christmas tree in Sicilian artistic ceramic, entirely made and hand painted by the master potters of Caltagirone.

They measure (pz2) diameter 10 cm and (pz1) diameter 8 cm

My emotion:

My Christmas has always been a party to be enjoyed as a family: we would have dinner together and then go to Mass to see the baby Jesus born at midnight precisely, when the veil that covered the cradle with the precious wooden statue was pushed aside and the bells of the Church of San Giovanni began to ring.

Then we greeted each other and went home, knowing that the next day we would all be together again for Christmas lunch.

We children were happy with that joyful atmosphere that we breathed and of the small nativity scene on the chest of the living room, full of colored lights, with the papier-mâché mountains and the hut covered with moss from the garden.