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La Rosa dei Venti

Knowing the winds, and therefore recognizing and distinguishing them when they blow, has always fascinated me. I learned to recognize them also by the scents they bring in the different seasons. I also like to understand the direction of the cardinal points with respect to mine: it is a way to position yourself in the universe and feel that you are one.

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The true story of the Moor's heads

> A STORY OF ETERNAL LOVE The Testa di Moro is a characteristic object of the Sicilian tradition. It is a hand-painted ceramic vase used as an ornament depicting the face of a Moor and sometimes of a good-looking young woman. They are almost always displayed in pairs on the balconies of Sicilian houses, on the sides of the sunny terraces in country villas, but also as precious objects inside the houses in the cities of Italy and around the world. The Moro heads have now become an emblem of Sicily. They are liked by Sicilians, but also by all Italians and foreign tourists, who see in them an artistic expression characteristic of our land. Today the Testa di Moro...

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The myths of the Mediterranean tradition are reproduced here in a collection full of suggestions and charm, made in an artistic ceramic that stands out for the elegance of the shapes and the bright colors. Today we present Polifemo, the cyclops son of Poseidon, according to the version narrated by Homer. The Greeks located the land of the Cyclops, gigantic one-eyed deities, at the foot of Etna, in Sicily.

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